Illuminate Your Trees

Nothing brings a landscape together more than illuminating them with a warm glow of holiday lights. Choose any variety of colors for a flash of fun, or bring that good ‘ole traditional warmth with that white classic glow. 

Deck Your Halls

Bring the holiday cheer inside this year! Our holiday decorators will install your trees, hang your wreaths, and decorate from top to bottom in holiday delights. You tell us your preferences and we will bring your vision to life!

Merry and Bright!

A warm welcome to Carmel Christmas Lights where we make holidays cheery and keep every bulb burning bright!

With a twinkle in our eyes and a jingle in our step, we will help shed light on the installation and decorating process, and work to eliminate your holiday hassles. ‘Tis the season to branch out and find a wide selection of festive lighting and décor options that will dazzle and impress all your guests and passers-by.

There’s something magical about this time of year, no matter what your traditions may be. We serve all families and businesses with integrity and hard work. At Carmel Christmas Lights, we offer you professional direction and consultation on any lighting or décor project. Through us, you will find resources and information about all your indoor and outdoor decorating desires.

Just add it to the list, we will check it twice!

Glowing Blue Christmas Lights And Trees In The Park

Need a Hand to Hang your Lights?

Sometimes a community just needs a helping hand. Decorating for the holidays is no different. Our team works hard so your community can gather together, establish new traditions, and celebrate the holiday spirit.

Your time is valuable to us. Which is why we keep your schedule in mind as we service municipalities in need of a reliable team to accomplish lighting installation and decorating jobs in a timely manner. We are confident in our skilled staff to tackling even the largest projects in the industry. Before we begin any project, our product and design consultants will work with you to plan out the details of which structures, landscaping, or interiors you wish to spruce up.

A personalized touch adds volumes to make your streets, buildings, or landscaping stand out. Simply by decorating lamp posts, adding a town square lighted tree, or perhaps embellishing special architecture or village artwork will bring your space to life for the holiday season. We know how special it is to be able to provide a space for the people of your town to gather in a space filled with joy and merriment. We are excited to do business with you and your residents.

One Less Thing to Worry About

The holiday season is often the busiest time of year. With so much to do and too few hands to hang your lights, our team of professional lighting installers will work hard so you don’t have to. Don’t let the hassle of decorating your municipality get in the way of enjoying a happy holiday.

Glowing Yellow Christmas Lights And Trees In The Park

Bringing Your Community Together

Is your community in the holiday spirit? Give them the gift of merriment by adding some twinkle lights, wreaths, or even festive prelit outdoor trees around your neighborhood. Let us light up your street by installing timeless white lights around your parkway trees or lamp posts. Visitors from surrounding neighborhoods will want to visit your lane to feel the warmth of the season and of your community personality.

Before any project, we offer professional consultation for neighborhoods interested in our lighting installation services. Every town is different and we enjoy bringing your holiday personality to life by adding a little light or pop of color. Your decorating preferences are unique to your neighborhood, and you can choose to be extremely unique with vibrant colors and impressive lawn ornaments, or very traditional with timeless, elegant white lights.

Time to Make Some Magic

Our variety of options range from “Oh wow! I’ve never seen that before!”, to “It feels just like the good ‘ole days”. Be it a sense of surprise or a comforting classic, we strive to display your community personality. Try a lighted themed scene, themed lawn ornaments, or elegant walkway lights to really bring everything together.

When the switch turns on and you see that magical festive glow, you’ll be dazzled by the transformation of your neighborhood. We are honored to facilitate the ambiance of your streets, helping create memorable moments throughout the entire holiday season.

Glowing Christmas Lights And Trees On The Street

Start with a Free Consultation!

Not sure where to start? Call us for a free consultation. Our professional designers will come to you at your convenience to walk the property and hear your ideas. Our years of expertise will bring the professional touch you’ve been needing for your municipality landscape.

Glowing Christmas Lights And Trees On The Street

It Takes a Village

Is your village tree feeling sparse? Have your community come together to decorate it with their own ornaments! We will set up the tree and install the lights for you to host a festive holiday event where neighbors, families, relatives, and friends hang a little piece of love on your village square community tree. Each layer of lights and decorations speak to the character of any community, and we know that every community personality is different.

In any lighting operations, large or small, safety is our number one priority and will advise on the best products and positioning to prevent hazards or fire. Our safety services will keep your streets safely lit and your lights burning bright, even on the most blistery winter days.

Call Us for a Hassle-Free Holiday!